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                              ARTIST INTRODUCTION

  • Materialised in the 1949 parishes of Sodankylä in the village of Uimaniemi.

  • Worked after its return from Sweden for last 20 years, among others, as a machinist in the metal field but again after its schooling as machine designer. He started after having stayed on the employee pension because of his Tukielinvaiva in 1999 to take an interest in visual arts again - as well as music.

  • One lives nowadays in Rovaniemi

  • It has not received official art education but Alingsås in Sweden, when living, V 1969 has been he "in the personal journeyman teaching of the Engel of the artist of about a couple of year time S and as the helper in whom the important to the hobby one learned, among others, painting technique and other" 75. From the Engel he was allowed to learn also to the priming of cloths and to the renovation of old tables. The holder of the vocational examination of the 2.5-year machine drawer who is related to his actual profession (a machine designer). One also must mention that in the degree in question a lot of teaching which is related to, among others, a perspective, stripping and composition - was included every skill is quite essential in this hobby.


  •  Exhibitions:

    Rovaniemi Varjo gallery:                   v 2003, 2005, 2007 Ryhmänäyttely Varjo gallery:           v 2006    
    Rovaniemi hall of the town hall:           v 2006, 2008
    Rovaniemi Library house:                        v 2007, 2008, 2009
    Rovaniemi "Kampsuherran valtakunta": v 2006
    Rovaniemi "Veerantalo":                       v 2010
    Uimaniemi elementary school                         v 2002, 2003
    Pyhätunturi Naturecentre:                   v2009                                        

  •  Newspaper clippings Leo Vierelä's art exhibition:

    Leike 1      Leike 1a
    Leike 2
    Leike 3
    Leike 4
    Leike 5
    Leike 6

    Leike 7
    Leike 8
    Leike 9 (uusi  Lapin Kansa  23.08.2015)
    Leike 9B (uusi  Lapin Kansa 23.08.2015)


  • Leo Vierelä is the popular painter of portraits nowadays. There are the portraits made by him here in Finland on the walls of several homes and office. On president Tarja, among others Halonen's wall one L is the portrait made by Vierelä from the 9-year-old "little Tarja" who has been made y 2001.



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