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Welcome to my network/art exhibition- sales!

If you take to my some work so much that you would like even to buy it, it will be then the most natural to contact me for instance through
this link in order to clarify if the table would be possibly available still.

If you want to go to look at my work here at home, then it will always take place according to the agreement. That if you want a one suitable to you, in particular, I will paint something for example portrait and landscape yourself photographed by you or for instance view from your yard circle even the so such one succeeds. Then you send a photograph or willingly more of the target to me only. I promise that possibly within at the latest a month it will be painted with you at home. One depends on the order book of the moment naturally certainly. Even very important �and the significant point is that in spite of the description time you are able to present a wish to me what season in that work ordered by you would be the most agreeable to you. Also it succeeds! (an example summer) (an example winter from the same target), -then I hope that you send more photographs from the target in question and environment and it also is important to know which direction there is in for example the south because of the valööri of the picture. This example target is from Espoo.

An important point: You make sure that you really also have rights to those photographs which to me you send. Factor judicial quarrels I do not hope for the form on anything to myself as not even to you. I am the member of Kuvasto , and they are my help in the possible quarrel situations.

The most important matter which is why I am competitive compared to many other network galleries!  It is that you do not have "any obligation to buy" because I react quite realistically to my work. This means that when I send ready as a picture file to your e-mail the work made by me or through the post as a photograph, you do not have to redeem work if you are not satisfied with the final result even after even possible repair companies, so the work really stays to my own detriment! So you do not bind yourself to any huuhaajuttu! However, it has not gone to my section yet about. I think that if and when the responsibility for the final result becomes "an order artist" so, it is then on the artist himself. The factor must be able to trust its own know-how and dot. On the other hand, I must trust also my customers but make it after all in a realistic way. With the help of different methods we see according to our experiences when it is a question "of a feikkitilaus" so I am trusting to the professional skill of my powers behind the scenes in that relation.

Something also from my music hobby

 Also the music and mainly the playing of the accordion are very important and comfortable hobby to me. If you came to these pages using accordion or otherwise to search engines, so your information that those links which refer to my music hobbies are found likewise in that orange link beam, in particular, in the one up on the horizontal plane entries which are related to the music. Laplands also are usually found from behind their links in the rivers, dance orchestras and youth bands, I myself like because of quite their professional skill and know-how.

Change an important one

In that link beam up Vieraskirja in which I would hope that you are really also paying a visit if you do not invent anything else and in it you can stick for instance some kind of greeting to me also is found. The such are always comfortable. Tarvi not to it, you necessarily to make any contact information of yours and you can appear anonymous this way. Even though I do not identify you from it so, I ask that you do not use a very ugly language there are children also because sometimes visiting here.


To us to the verkkogalleristi which sell our art it also is important to network and the blowing to one coal also otherwise. So I established here an own linkinvaihtosivusto which then has indeed played finely. I have got quite many job opportunities through those professional colleagues' sides. I also have employed a few of my colleagues from them even myself. Announcement only here  if you also want your page to the link exchange.

SMALL EXTRA WISH. Good subscriber of my work/customer! My most ardent wish would be that one for example and an advertisement of course, I be would allowed to publish from my know-how here the work made by me to you. For the some reason for the wonder, I feel extremely difficult to ask that piece of information at the delivery moment of the work and would hope that you himself would be aloitteellinen in that matter. So I would always publish here willingly the work made by me if you give the permission to it. T: Leo

Hopefully you feel happy on the pages!
Welcome again!

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